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Welcome to Department of Mechanical Engineering

Vision of the Institution:

To uplift old city poor and economically backward students on par with other students of Andhra pradesh State by imparting required skills.

Mission of the Institution:

  • To shape the students in quality aspects
  • To improve the communication skills of students
  • To provide service to the society with dedicated staff
  • Motivation of students to achieve excellence
  • To provide best quality education to the students
  • Continuous all round development of students and college
  • To make this institute a Branded Polytechnic



    The Department of Mechanical Engineering has over 15 laboratories including thermal engineering, heat-transfer, dynamics, metallurgy, metrology, fuels, etc. Modern computing facilities are available for students at the Computer Aided Design and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratories.Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest fields of engineering, yet it is constantly evolving through its applications in emerging areas. Today, mechanical engineers are not only trained in traditional fields such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, machine design, and controls, but they also learn how to apply the fundamental principles from engineering, physics, chemistry and mathematics to address complex problems in interdisciplinary areas such as biomedical engineering and nanotechnology. Mechanical engineering also is one of the broadest fields of engineering and its graduates find jobs in various industries such as energy, aerospace, manufacturing, robotics, and medical devices, just to name a few.


Sanketika polytechnic is in the centre of the city. No long bus rides or going out of Visakhapatnam.

Here at the Sanketika mini University you have an array of institutions that create the right kind of environment for learning and a robust student life.

S.V.H. RAJENDRASecretary

With a management committed deliver students who are future ready and know how to meet the challenges of life, rest assured a visit to the campus will also help you know us better.

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